Invest, trade and pay with $ATKN at AiTerra

AiToken ($ATKN) is the gateway to the world of fractional ownership, allowing people from all over the world to participate in carefully selected assets.



  • $ATKN allows you to invest in real estate crypto assets.
  • Transactions made with the platform's wallet have the lowest transaction costs in the market.
  • You can use $ATKN to pay for services consumed on the platform.
  • Your crypto assets can be transferred to other wallets or exchanges.

Behavior of the $ATKN

Historical record of daily quoted values.

Follow the steps and create your wallet

In this video we explain how to create a digital wallet in the AiTerra platform. With it you will be able to reduce costs and transaction time when buying or investing in real estate.

Leila - AiTerra assistant

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Leila - AiTerra assistant