Mortgage Calculator

Use AiTerra's mortgage calculator to estimate your total payment, including principal, interest, mortgage insurance, taxes and home insurance. Enter the price of the home and the down payment for a detailed breakdown and payment schedule.

Payment breakdown

Remember, this is an estimate of the possible monthly expenses you would have on the mortgage. In most cases, the monthly property payment covers the amortization of the loan (principal), the lender's fee (interest), plus insurance and taxes.


Amortization schedule

MonthInitial balancePaymentPrincipalInterestFinal balance
The mortgage calculator is designed solely for educational purposes. Realistic interest rates and monthly payment figures can vary due to market changes and factors such as location and loan specifics. The estimates are derived from the information you input, and might not encompass extra charges that lenders could apply, like taxes and insurance, leading to potentially higher payments. AiTerra does not offer loans, and this information is not a lending commitment.
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